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Our expertise in electronics, mechanics and metrology

At the cutting edge of technology our new production plant has been inaugurated in 2019

We have indeed integrated all the processes to fully manufacture our products

The mechanical parts and housings of our displays are machined in-house on a 5-axis DMG Mori machining center with Erowa robotic loading. A washing unit completes the manufacturing process in the mechanical workshop. After surface treatment, a laser engraving machine completes our boxes. The introduction of laser engraving allows us to limit the use of plastic and gives us great flexibility.
Metro - Production et qualité
100% of our electronic boards are manufactured on our premises, thanks to a fully automated SMD production line with a capacity of 40,000 components per hour.
The SMD line includes several elements such as a PCB destacker, screen printing with optical control and cleaning, then pick and place and then soldering and stacking.

A machine for selective soldering of traditional components with robotic loading completes this process.

The nitrogen used in the brazing process is generated on site, avoiding round trips by tank trucks throughout the year.

Our machines are connected to our SAP Business One ERP to ensure permanent inventory monitoring.
Metro - Production et qualité
The manufactured electronic cards are finally 100% controlled through a 3D automatic optical machine (AOI). We thus ensure zero-defect production.

Our assembly workshop finalizes our products, before passing through our temperature-controlled calibration lab. The finished products are then 100% tested and calibrated before shipping.

Quality control runs throughout the manufacturing process: from the arrival of the raw material to the sale of our finished products. We are committed to quality, a marker of the reliability of our products.
Metro - Production et qualité
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