Discover our solutions in the field of aeronautics

Accuracy and traceability are not options in the aeronautical field, Metro products help you achieve your quality objectives.

Metro products are present at the biggest players in the field, in varied and demanding applications such as for example:

  • multi-dimension control by probing or laser on the engine blades
  • control on flight control parts with very low tolerances by pneumatic measurement.
  • dimensional control of aircraft brake discs
  • container flatness control for military transport aircraft

METRO product applications in the aeronautical field

Example of a manual loading assembly to check different dimensions simultaneously on engine blades (angle, twist, position, etc.)

Multi-dimension inspection of jet engine blades by probing

Several assemblies for simultaneous control of 10 diameters 16mm and 14 diameters 20mm with a tolerance of only 1µm!

DLC treated pneumatic master, measurement repeatability 0.02µm

Air gage control with very tight tolerances
Air gage control with very tight tolerances
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