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The leading manufacturer of dimensional metrology equipment

A wide range of high quality products for precision metrological control

Metro develops and manufactures  high-tech electronic products for precision measurement and dimensional control.

Our goal in serving your business is based on improving your productivity and optimizing your dimensional inspection operations.

Our strategy of innovation and reliability ensures a high level of performance of our product line to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Metro is a French company with a rich history of more than 30 years of innovation in the bar turning and automotive industries.
Today, our know-how can be found in various fields such as aeronautics, watchmaking, medical, cosmetics and agriculture.

With more than 35 agents and distributors worldwide, we remain close to our customers by providing a reactive and efficient service. We provide local supply and after-sales service thanks to our partners trained on our products and strategy.

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Design of printed circuits & electronic boards

We are first and foremost electronics engineers.

100% of the electronic cards used in our products are designed by our engineers. Our skills lie in the design of analog and digital circuits, routing and industrialization.

Great attention is paid to the reliability and durability of the equipment we manufacture, so we use industrial components ensuring a long life for our products.

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Software development

Indissociable complement of electronics, embedded software is the center of our systems.

Our engineers develop the programs for the microcontrollers used in our products as well as the PC software.

We have opted, often against the grain, to develop our own operating system, which allows us to offer optimal performance while using industrial components.

On the other hand, we see more and more interest in computer security when it comes to connecting our systems to our customers' computer networks.

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Manufacturing & quality control

Metro products are manufactured at Metro, including electronic boards. We invest heavily in modern, high-performance production and quality control facilities.

Manufacturing is thus completely integrated: manufacturing of electronic cards, SMD and selective welding, 5-axis machining, laser engraving and assembly.

The quality of the products we manufacture is ensured by proven quality methods and procedures. Our working methods ensure short manufacturing times, even for large quantities. We are working to keep a sufficient stock of product at all times to respond to our customers as quickly as possible.

Develop & Innovate
Develop & Innovate

To offer a complete range of devices meeting all the criteria of quality, reliability and performance level.

Manufacture & Control
Manufacture & Control

In order to keep control over the quality of our products and to control the delivery times.

Efficiency & Reactivity
Efficiency & Reactivity

Our priority is to serve our customers quickly with a high level of service.

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