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Metro helps the majority of watchmakers control the dimensional parameters of watch components. Operators particularly appreciate Metro displays for their clarity and small dimensions that limit the required space on their workstation.


METRO product applications in the watchmaking industry

Heidenhain or Sylvac probes are perfectly suited to measuring precision parts in the watchmaking sector. Their long stroke and linearity allow a variety of dimensions to be measured using the same reference.

The small Metro M3 displays make it possible to get the most out of these probes and have become a reference among the majority of watchmakers who appreciate them for their great ease of use and their possibility of connecting to SPC software.

In the example opposite, the operator measures parts on a horizontal Sylvac bench with a Heidenhain probe and also has a vertical probe on a plate. The results are then sent to the SPC QuickControl software.

Measurement of watchmaking parts with linear probes
Measurement of watchmaking parts with linear probes

The Mux 4 and 8 Metro multiplexers are widely used in the watch industry and its subcontracters.

These small boxes make it possible to centralize measurements from instruments of different types and brands for use on SPC software.

Our Mux boxes are compatible with the vast majority of instrument models (micrometers, comparators, calipers) and are compatible with multiple brands, such as Sylvac, Tesa, Mitutoyo, Mahr etc.

We manufacture smart cables that convert instrument signals for use on Mux.

Thus we are able to connect a wide variety of devices: Scales, Displays, Torque wrenches etc.

Link to product page: MUX

Acquisition of measurements from various instruments via Metro multiplexers
Acquisition of measurements from various instruments via Metro multiplexers
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