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Sustainable development at the heart of Metro's concerns

We act in an Eco-responsible way.

Working while limiting the impact of our activity on the environment

In order to limit our CO2 emissions and contribute to preserving the environmental quality of the Vallée Verte, where our factory is located, we have chosen to build a passive building.

The roof is covered by photovoltaic panels that provide enough energy to run completely the factory by sunny weather. 4 charging stations supply the electric vehicles of the company, employees and visitors.

We are thus able to be energy independent most of the time, and on a good weather days we reinject into the network the overproduction of electricity.

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Our factory is built with renewable materials (wood, wood wool...) and is extremely well insulated. We recover the calories from the compressor and various productions machines, all for the purpose of optimizing the use of the building's energy.

The management of air conditioning, heating and hot water production is provided by a heat pump. The lighting of the building's offices functions according to the exterior light intensity thanks to an intelligent home automation control.

We are committed to an active approach to recycling and recovery of production waste.
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Metro's strategy is oriented on the long term with the construction of sustainable and equitable partnerships with its customers and suppliers.

We favor local players for the supply of raw materials (cardboard, sheet metal, special screws, etc.). We are thus actors in the development of local economic structures, and reduce our carbon footprint.
We attach particular importance to the well-being of our teams by offering a comfortable working environment and various benefits such as profit-sharing and employee savings.

Finally, we support various local associations and financially help young top athletes.
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“Internal production: Metro products are manufactured at Metro”
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