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The applications are very numerous in the automotive field: engine components (connecting rods, camshafts, valves, etc.), gasoline or diesel injection, transmission, turbos, airbags, movement of seats or electric windows, brakes, etc.; The mechanical tolerances of these parts are increasingly low and the volumes of parts are very high. Comparative measurement based on inductive probes and air gauge is widely used. Metro products also provide the solution to the traceability needs demanded in the industry.


METRO product applications in the automotive field

This high precision control fixture allows to check several characteristics on different references of Connecting Rod using Air gaging.
Several parameters are controlled like the small and big end diameters as well as twist and bend. The measurements are compensed in temperature.
The operator can input the serial number of the conrod and other informations on the Metro M400 display through a bar code scanner.

Last but not least, the measurements and related info are then automatically exported to the customer's server and directly incorporated on their ERP, thanks to the Metro's MB-NET system.

Connecting rods measurements
Connecting rods measurements

The injector parts have tight tolerances, which makes air gage testing very suitable.

We have extensive experience in measuring this type of part, whether measuring internal or external diameters, with a manual operation or on an automatic machine.

Pneumatic measurement is operator independent, fast, highly accurate and compatible with workshop conditions

External or internal diameter measurements on injector parts
External or internal diameter measurements on injector parts
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