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Digital lever probes

A small size for hich precision measurements


Lever probes are for example used for precision gauging of components, such as shafts, for profiling. The narrow body (compared to devices based on dial test indicators) coupled with a gentle touch down to 0.05N enables access to difficult to reach details, even on fragile components.





Main characteristics :


  • Measuring range : 0,5 mm
  • Resolution : from 0.005 to 0.08 micron
  • Tip force <0.5N
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Stylus adjustment : 180°
  • Small size
Capteur numérique à levier Metro

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Mechanical travel (mm) 0.6
Measurement range (mm) 0.5
Start of the measurement range 20 à 30 µm from the mechanical limit
Stylus adjustment 180°
Precision (on axis) ±1 µm ± Dx0,08% (where D is the difference in mm between the master piece and the piece to be measured
Repeatability < 0,15 µm on axis < 0,3 µm cross axis
Hysteresis < 0,25 µm
Resolution Adjustable up to < 0,01 µm
Bandwidth Adjustable from 6 Hz to 460 Hz
Read rate Up to 3906 readings/second (dynamic measuring mode)
Tip force (N) 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2
Temperature coefficient 0,1 µm/°C
Life duration more than 5 millions of cycles (depending on application)
Material Stainless steel
Mouting Body diameter : 9,52 mm (8mm peg and dovetail mounting in option)
Stylus Availabme in the following diameters 2,54 mm, 1,59 mm, 0,79 mm and 0,39 mm.




 - Delicate components measurement
The small size and the reduced tip force enables the lever probe to make reliable and precise measurement on th emost delicate pieces.


 - Surface measurement in confined places
The sensor size allows to easily acceed to confined places, with keeping a great quality measurement.


 - Simultaneous measurement of several surfaces close together.
Its high resolution and its reading rate make this probe ideal for dynamic applications like profiling of a rotating axis.


 - High precision height measurement
The digital lever probe is also perfect for height measurement by comparison where a high precision is required.


Item reference




Dovetail mouting block - (ref 81301-2)

8 mm Peg mounting block- (ref 81301-1)

Ball tip stylus

0.38mm : 81301-3

0.79mm : 81301-4

1.59mm : 81301-5

2.54mm : 81301-6