Mini capteur inductif demi pont (HBT)

Miniature gauging probe

Ideal for measurement in confined places


The Half Bridge or LVDT inductive probes technology has been known for over 100 years and enables to offer a products range covering most of the needs in dimensional control.

Materials used to manufacture our probes leads to an unqualed robustness and longevity.


The mini probe is a compact low profile transducer that is ideal for measurements in confined places such as bores. The transducer is based on a parallel spring structure that ensures that it provides excellent repeatability over a long working life, even when rotated in bores that have key slots or lubrication ports.





Main characteristics :

  • Mechanical travel : 0.63 mm (max)
  • Measurement range +/- 0.25mm
  • Resolution : de 0.1 microns with the Metro's display units


Robust construction: :

  • Chromium steel body
  • Gaiter in Viton®
  • IP65
Mini capteur inductif demi pont (HBT)

® Viton is a trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers








Mechanical travel (mm) 0.63 maximum
Measurement range (mm) ± 0.25
Start of measurement range 20 à 30 µm from limit stop
 -  à 100 µm from limit stop 0,1 µm on axis and 0,1 µm cross axis
 -  à 250 µm from limit stop 0,25 µm on axis and 0,15 µm cross axis
 -  à 500 µm from limit stop 0,5 µm on axis and 0,25 µm cross axis
Resolution 0,01 µm with Metro conditioner
Tip force (N) @ center travel 0,7 N ± 25%
Temperature coefficient 0,08 µm/°C
Mass 15g
Materials Body : Chromium steel, Gaiter : Viton
Fixation M3 screw (supplied)
IP rating IP65




Fig. 1 – External diameter measurement in confined place

Fig. 2 – Internal diameter measurement

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